As per ICANN’s WHOIS Accuracy program, every domain name registered requires validation of certain contact information fields. The validation checks are as follows:

• Telephone numbers: Minimum of 4 and Maximum 12 digits
• Telephone country codes: Minimum of 1 and Maximum of 3 digits
• A telephone number cannot start with “0”
• Zip codes will be based on country formats (For example :- In India the zip code is 6 digits, in the USA it’s 5 digits and in the UK it would be a 7 character hybrid zip code of digits and alphabets like this ‘SW1A 0AA’. This would differ for different countries)

How this may impact you?

1. When registering a domain it creates a WHOIS contact, if the contact detail validation fails, then the domain creation will not be successful. If you are attempting to create a contact and enter an invalid ZIP code or phone country code, you will get an error message.

2. You will not be able to set invalid contacts as default contacts under the customer account through Control Panel.

3. You will be able to use the contacts/modify contact to update the ZIP and country code.

Please note: As part of the ICANN mandate for contact information the following actions will be taken in Phase Three post 8th October, 2017.

1. Any attempt to register a domain name with invalid contact information will fail.

2. If the contact in use is invalid, there will be an alert in the Order Details view asking you to fix the information.

3. We will block attempts to associate an invalid contact with any domain name.

4. Any domain name that has an invalid contact, will not be able to be moved to any other registrar until details on that contact are validated.

 Friday, August 25, 2017

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