It is our pleasure to announce some changes to our client account manager system.

To help you manage your web hosting faster and easier we have upgraded our system to provide you with shortcuts to your cPanel hosting, These short cuts allow you to click an icon from your management area which will bring you directly to that section in your cPanel.

Also you can now create emails right from your account manager and it will automatically create the account in your cPanel.

To access this new section, after you are logged in go to the "Services" tab and click "My Services" on the next screen you will see a list of all your services, all the active services will be indicated by a green "Active" button, choose the service from the list and click the button "Active" on the new screen you will see all of the short cuts and on the left side menu other key functions that you can perform.

Just click any of the icons to access that area and the system will automatically log you in and bring you to that section.

This will help cut your access time down and simplify email creations.

IDC Thailand

 Saturday, August 1, 2015

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